Hydrogen Power Storage & Solutions East Germany

+49 (0) 341 / 6 00 16-20 info(at)hypos-eastgermany.de. Schillerstraße 5 | 04109 Leipzig

The Hydrogen Consortium

The aim of HYPOS is the construction of a showcase of the hydrogen economy in Central Germany.

The Hydrogen Network

HYPOS is striving to establish an exemplary region for hydrogen in East Germany. The long-term goal is, however, to have an impact on the German hydrogen community.

HYPOS is not only an initiator of collaborative projects, but also an acknowledged platform for exchange and knowledge transfer
on production, transport, storage and utilisation of green hydrogen due to its interdisciplinary orientation.

The network has been growing continously since its inception at the end of 2013 - from 7 members to currently over 100.