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What is green hydrogen?

Green electricity is obtained through the use of water, wind or sun, i.e. renewable energy sources.

Green hydrogen can be understood in the same way. It is produced from just these regenerative energy sources by means of water electrolysis (where water is split into hydrogen and oxygen in an electrolyzer with electric power) and is distinguished from grey hydrogen obtained from fossil fuels, thus non-renewable energy sources, such as natural gas.

The chemical element of hydrogen is a still underestimated energy carrier. At first, it is environmentally friendly, but unlike electricity, it can be easily stored and converted back to electricity or heat at later times. Therefore, regeneratively generated hydrogen is a key source of the energy turnaround. On the one hand, it can compensate for temporal and spatial fluctuations in the generation of electricity from solar or wind energy. On the other hand, hydrogen can be transported and stored over several ways. Via existing pipelines a large number of industrial customers in particular can be supplied. Transportable gas and LPG tanks serve smaller needs.

Fields of application include household energy and power supply, usage as fuel in mobility and as a raw material in the chemical industry.
In perspective, the dependence on fossil fuels can be reduced to a minimum and expensive imports can be saved. The advantage of the system is the regional added value: hydrogen can be produced everywhere. The value chain of green hydrogen is not new and HYPOS works to make it economical and safe.