Hydrogen Power Storage & Solutions East Germany

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The Innovation Project

Green energy shall be capable for the base load.

HYPOS stands for Hydrogen Power Storage & Solutions East Germany

and is one out of ten innovational projects funded by the Twenty20 programme initiated by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Learn more about the funding here.

The aim of HYPOS is to produce, store, distribute and widely use green hydrogen in the chemical industry, refinery, mobility and energy supply sectors. The surplus energy from wind power and solar power plants is ideal for the economic production of hydrogen and its various applications. In this way, green electricity becomes baseload-capable and can be used as required.

HYPOS redefines the state of the art in science and technology for the hydrogen sector.

More than 130 HYPOS partners are members of our network. In various project collaborations innovative ways of hydrogen usage are being developed. 
Central Germany is a preferred region for early implementation due to the already existing infrastructure (pipeline and storage caverns) and various medium-sized enterprises located in the area.

In the future, the central German infrastructure is to be connected with the country's network as well as networks abroad, so that hydrogen achieves economic efficiency and acceptance, which will give the energy carrier a more prominent role in the supply structure.