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Logos HYPOS e.V.

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Constitution, Scale of Fees and Levies & Admission Modes

  • Constitution (PDF)
  • Scale of Fees and Levies (PDF) and Annex to Scale of Fees and Levies (PDF)
  • Admission criteria for membership (PDF)
  • Membership form (PDF)



  • The adopted National Hydrogen Strategy represents a milestone in the establishment of a green hydrogen economy. In a position paper from June 2020 (PDF) HYPOS formulates proposals for the next step of operational implementation. 
  • The Federal Government is currently developing a National Hydrogen Strategy. In a position paper from December 2019 (PDF) HYPOS formulates central demands on the future strategy. 
  • In order to transfer the technological developments of recent years to the market, a fundamental revision of the regulatory framework is urgently required. In a position paper on the Legal Framwork for Green Hydrogen from June 2018 (PDF) HYPOS points out possible adjustment paths.
  • Strategy Paper, 2017 (PDF)