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Green hydrogen is a key energy source for multiple fields of application to reach the climate targets and energy transition through defossilization. Green hydrogen and hydrogen with very low CO2-footprint will soon be an essential basis for sustainable economic areas, especially with regard to the structural development in Central Germany.

The high interest of companies and the demand for hydrogen in the central German region are competitive advantages as they can accelerate the market launch of hydrogen. To lift this potential, it is planned to gradually transform and extend the existing infrastructure to a Central Germany Hydrogen Pipeline Grid. The aim is to develop an integral infrastructure concept in Central Germany to enable the best possible link between producers and customers. A feasibility study examined the following core subjects:

  • potential hydrogen demand of future customers
  • potential hydrogen sources of future producers
  • possible routing and grid dimensions of new pipelines as well as exisiting infrastructure
  • profitability of grid extension and operation as well as production costs of hydrogen in temporal indications 2030, 2040 and 2050

In conclusion a campaign of action is deducted, which support an appropriate and economic creation of the Central German Hydrogen Pipeline Grid and integrate possible production and application cases.

Hydrogen Network Central Germany; source: HYPOS e.V.


Through the study an intense, constructive multi- and bilateral exchange with the project group, the involved grid system operators – on distribution and transmission level – and industrious partners took place. That exchange resulted in a clearly more extensive and stronger linked hydrogen pipeline grid which offers additional security of supply. Each single grid segment can be planned, built and converted separately. Regional hydrogen cluster and single storage options can be developed individually, and in turn, be combined to a highly cross-linked pipeline grid to maintain and extend security of hydrogen supply.

Again, the study exhibits that a large part of the involved Central German stakeholders long for stable and high volumes of green hydrogen produced from renewable energies. For stakeholders green hydrogen is a vital key to drive forward the defossilization of applications in all areas. Once again, the study emphasizes the necessity to utilise existing natural gas infrastructure. The results outline a crucial vision for the energy system of the central German region.

The realization of a hydrogen pipeline grid is the outset for an extensive defossilization of public gas supply in Central Germany and for transformation of energy and chemical application. The coordinated approach of infrastructure design is of essential importance as hydrogen grids are currently developed in a very dynamic market environment. In the next step an integral approach for the supply of industry, trade/commerce/service and households as well as a role model for grid connection consumers is to be developed.

end of study: April 2022

study volume: 140.000 €

contact person: Jörn-Heinrich Tobaben