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Hydrogen Region of Central Germany

Future potential of the HYPOS region

Unique Selling Points of the HYPOS Region

The Germany-wide hydrogen network HYPOS is located in Central Germany for good reasons. In this combination, the region has unique characteristics in Germany that predestine it as a preferred region for the implementation of a green hydrogen economy.

In addition to the high potential for electricity production from renewable energies, it is especially the existing infrastructures that distinguish the region around the Central German Chemical Triangle. For the distribution of green hydrogen, the 150-kilometre-long hydrogen pipeline running along the A9, the second longest in Germany, can be used. This already supplies the various hydrogen consumers from the fuel and chemical sectors as well as the ammonia production sector. There are salt caverns close to the pipeline that could be used for large-scale hydrogen storage. These can be used, for example, as energy storage to bridge dark periods in a power supply based on 100% renewable energies. Last but not least, there is a well-developed natural gas network that opens up further diverse application and distribution channels for green hydrogen. Due to the existing applications, there is a wide knowledge in the use of hydrogen in the region, which is complemented by the expertise of research institutions.

The H2 Index Potential Study captures the related figures and offers a deeper insight into the potentials of the HYPOS region. The study (in german) is available here.


The strategy

The aim of HYPOS is to create a model connection of the chemical and natural gas grids with the electrical networks in Eastern Germany, in order to achieve economic viability of green hydrogen and thus a sustainable energy supply. The main pillars of our strategy are:

  • cost reduction for green hydrogen applications along the entire supply chain
  • establishment and expansion of a secure hydrogen network in the HYPOS region with the long-term goal to enhance a green hydrogen economy
  • clustering of local competence of small and medium-sized enterprises, industry partners and research institutions
  • cooperations with similar networks in order to strengthen competence and innovation and raise the economic and social acceptance for hydrogen applications

The different projects initiated by HYPOS are developed in consortia according to the subject areas. The results contribute to the entire project of HYPOS.