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Demonstration and maximization of the flexibility potential of chlor-alkali electrolysis

Project goals

  • Use of the flexibility potential and increase of the system suitability of chlor-alkali electrolysis
  • Evaluation and design of a plant at the Bitterfeld site with approx. 30 MW capacity and over 3000 Nm³ H2/h output
  • Development of a technical model for different operating modes
  • Development of a techno-economic model for the economic evaluation of various flexibility markets: spot market, balancing energy market, etc.
  • Reduction of the average hydrogen production costs and increase of competitiveness to conventional production


Chlor-alkali electrolysis has been a widespread and economically viable technology in the MW range for decades. Even if the systems have so far only been operated in base load mode, they will offer options for system-friendly adaptation in the future. If the project results were transferred, a flexibility pool of approximately 1.5 GW would be available nationwide.

Although the plants only produce hydrogen as a by-product, large amounts of green hydrogen can be produced in future by procuring certificates of origin or in combination with renewable energy plants. The already existing integration of chlor-alkali electrolysis in industrial and chemical parks can directly contribute to the decarbonization of the sector.

Credits: NOBIAN GmbH

Project duration: 40 monts
Project start: 01/09/2018
Project budget: € 1.77 million
Funding amount: € 1.17 million
Funding rate: 66%

Contact person: Klaus Kuhlage



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