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Decentralized water electrolysis with combined use of hydrogen and oxygen from renewable energy

Project goals

LocalHy serves to develop building blocks of the hydrogen economy and to combine them into a system for decentralized use in Germany. in the future also as an adapted, decentralized system. The result is a hydrogen electrolysis test facility that examines the aspects of the hydrogen economy from generation to the use of electrolytic oxygen, as well as researching, developing and testing hydrogen utilization through reconversion into electricity and for mobility purposes. The performance of the system can be scaled as required. It is modular and can be used decentrally in urban environments.


  • Future mobility applications
  • Network harmonization and decentralized oxygen applications
  • Direct H2 refueling without high-pressure intermediate storage by means of inexpensive, oil-free, dry-running piston compressors on a fluid basis
  • Use of O2 from electrolysis on 2x 100 PE test sewage plant
  • 50 kW H2 internal combustion engine with a generator that has an efficiency of approx. 50%
  • High current rectifier with variable input energy mix

Project duration: 46 months
Project start: 01/08/2015
Project budget: € ca. 5.3 million
Funding amount: € ca. 3.8 million
Funding rate: 72 %

Contact person: Dr. Joachim Löffler
Kumatec Sondermaschinenbau & Kunststoffverarbeitung GmbH