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Development, design and construction of a modular, innovative and cost-efficient PEM electrolysis system

Project goals

The goal of the MegaLyseurPlus joint project is the optimization of the overall electrolysis system and the creation of the prerequisites for the development and operation of future large-scale electrolysis systems.

The project aims to validate the system considerations on a modular 1.25 MW electrolysis demonstration system with an optimized power electronics and compression unit on the planned electrolysis test field of the Fraunhofer Society in the Leuna Chemical Park, with connection to a hydrogen pipeline. With this, the interaction of all components, from fluctuating current generation to coupling into supply systems, can be examined for various operating strategies. This is intended to provide essential insights for the upscaling of electrolysis plants in the 100 MW range. In addition, a reduction in investment costs is expected due to the individual component optimization and the optimized interaction of the components in the system with very dynamic operation (“renewable energy scenario”, part-load operation, many start-stop cycles). Above all the aim is to increase efficiency and to improve service life and thus reduce operating costs.


With the project a 1.25 MW PEM total electrolysis system is being created from novel and co-optimized individual components are researched in the project. This system forms the basis for the economic implementation of large-scale electrolysis systems in the multi-digit megawatt range.

The knowledge generated by the network partners in the project makes a valuable contribution to the market launch of Power to Gas technology in Germany and thus helps to secure and further expand the know-how in Germany in the field of ​​manufacturing and operating megawatt PEM electrolysis systems in flexible application scenarios with different pressure requirements.

Project duration: 26 months
Project start: 01/11/2019
Projekt budget: approx. € 011.2 million
Funding amount: approx. € 5.6 million
Funding rate: 50%


Contact persons:

Nadine Menzel (Parental leave)
Fraunhofer-Institut für Mikrostruktur von Werkstoffen und Systemen

Sandy Klengel
Fraunhofer-Institut für Mikrostruktur von Werkstoffen und Systeme