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Development, design and construction of a modular, innovative and cost-efficient PEM electrolysis system and constructionof a compression plant

Project goals

The overall goal of MegaLyseurPlus is to optimise the overall electrolysis plant system and to create the prerequisites for the development and operation of future large-scale electrolysis systems.

The particular challenge in electrolysis operation is the field of tension between highly fluctuating energy input (e.g. in the case of a direct coupling with a wind farm) and continuous hydrogen demand of a large number of industrial processes or the integration of such a large-scale electrolysis system into a storage infrastructure for base-load capable energy storage and system-serving energy provision. Particularly important are the partial load capability and dynamics of the electrolysis system and also of the essential components (such as membrane and power electronics) as well as the interface design for infrastructure integration (such as compression or expansion of the resulting hydrogen for special applications). The nominal overall efficiency and the specific costs must be kept in mind. Improved subcomponents and system solutions are urgently needed to successfully complete sector coupling, to integrate renewable energies stably into the national energy system and to advance the decarbonisation of industry. Therefore the following sub-components of the electrolysis system will be optimised in the joint project: the CCM (catalyst coated membrane), the power electronics and the downstream compression system. Furthermore a higher-level safety-related system control is being designed.


The knowledge generated by the partners in this HYPOS project makes a valuable contribution to the market launch of PEM electrolysis plants in Germany and helps to secure and further expand know-how in the area of manufacturing and optimising subcomponents (CCM, power electronics, safety control and compression) in flexible application scenarios with different pressure requirements. The emergence of a new market for hydrogen storage in the field of decentralised energy generation is expected, especially for the commercial vehicle market, in which piston compressors can be usefully employed, but so far only exist as custom-made products. In the area of CCMs new optimised materials are expected that can reduce the service life and investment costs of electrolysis plants in the long term.

Building on the results of the demonstrators in the area of power electronics, these are to be further expanded, optimised and finalised into prototypes.


Project duration: 30 months
Project start: 01/11/2019
Projekt budget: approx. € 11.3 million
Funding amount: approx. € 4.4 million
Funding rate: ca. 39 %


Contact persons:

Dr. Nadine Menzel
Fraunhofer-Institut für Mikrostruktur von Werkstoffen und Systemen