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Integrative increase in the level of security in the hydrogen value chain

Project goals

The aim of INES is to develop a methodology for an integrative safety assessment of the technical-technological value chain of HYPOS Power-to-X technologies as a whole as well as the individual subsystems with the following sub-aspects:

  • Analysis of process-related hazards     
  • Prediction of the effects of technical damage events     
  • Inclusion of location factors (“land use planning”)     
  • Detection of weak points and gaps in the security considerations of the individual components and their interfaces as well as the system matrix     
  • Safety optimization recommendations


INES focuses on supporting other HYPOS projects with regard to security issues. The HYPOS consortium is to be made aware of the constant exchange and corresponding information on security aspects of their projects. On the basis of joint risk assessments and the safety-related measures derived from them, the topic of safety is continuously incorporated into the development of system components. The safety-related optimization recommendations and organizational measures are defined in the form of a guideline for hydrogen security and are thus permanently available to the project partners as a decision-making aid.

Project duration: 36 months
Project start: 01/01/2018
Project budget: € 1.2 million
Funding amount: € 920,000
Funding rate: 74 %

Contact person: Dr. Hartmut Neumann
TÜV SÜD Industrie Service GmbH