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Initial infrastructure for hydrogen mobility based on predictable demand

Project goals

The H2-Index describes simulation software for evaluating hydrogen value chains. In the first stage (in the H2-Index-I project during the HYPOS strategy phase) it was developed to evaluate the submitted projects in HYPOS, with the aim of making the cost reduction potential as transparent and comparable as possible. In addition to the simulation software, a potential study on the sales potential in the HYPOS region was carried out in the H2-Index-II. This is publicly available.

In the second stage of expansion (H2-Index-II) the simulation software will be further developed with regard to its dynamic capability. In addition to the accompanying evaluation of ongoing projects, the aim is to evaluate future projects from a temporal and spatial perspective and take into account various political scenarios. The development for future HYPOS strategy will be used to implement the goals in the various target markets. At the end of the project, a freely accessible H2-Index version will be made publicly available.

The final project report is available in the HYPOS member area.

Project duration: 48 months