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Further development of the value chain analysis tool H2 index

Project goals

In the previous, H2-Index-I, a static calculation tool was developed for the economic evaluation of innovations along the value chain of green hydrogen. The tool was used in the first phase to assess potential HYPOS projects. In the follow-up project, H2-Index-II, the tool is expanded by the following components:

  • Dynamic consideration of the value chains, which are particularly relevant for the goal of economical production of green hydrogen
  • Expansion of technological components
  • Consideration of the changing regulatory framework
  • Integration of region-specific generation and customer potential

A detailed system analysis of the value chains is carried out with H2-Index-II in order to evaluate potential business models regionally. A version of the H2-Index tool is also made available to HYPOS members for independent use.


The H2-Index serves as a tool for:

  • Monitoring of ongoing HYPOS research projects & further development of the strategic direction
  • Support of funding applicants in the development and design of projects as well as in the economic assessment
  • Development of recommendations for the future development of regulatory frameworks

Project duration: 48 months
Project start: 01/06/2017
Project budget: € 522,000 
Funding amount: € 522,000 
Funding rate: 100 %

Contact person: Dr. Martin Pumpa und Stefan Schütz
DBI - Gastechnologisches Institut gGmbH Freiberg