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Development of plastic hybrid high pressure tanks with up to 1000 bar

Project goals

The aim of H2-HD  is to develop new strategies for the design of the CFRP casing of plastic hybrid tanks (type IV) for operating pressures up to 1000 bar. In order to increase the efficiency of the high-pressure containers in this subject area, the project consortium will investigate the mechanical behavior of the composite laminate at the microscopic, mesoscopic and macroscopic level and consider the effects of manufacturing-related defects and damages. The investigation focuses on material concepts with regard to the multi-material character of the pressure vessel, especially in relation to their aging and their specific requirements in contact with highly compressed hydrogen.

500 bar hydrogen transport module (Credits: Linde AG)             

Hochdruckbehälter (300 bar) für Wasserstoffspeicherung und -transport (Foto: Hexagon)

High pressure tank (300 bar) for hydrogen storage und transporation (Credits: Hexagon)

Ensuring safety is essential for the operation and use of high-pressure hydrogen tanks. Against this background, the non-destructive 3D X-ray inspection is to be developed further, until then for the series-accompanying quality monitoring in the manufacturing process. The proof of the safety of the pressure vessel and the high pressure interfaces for the use of hydrogen is the goal of this project.


The high-pressure tanks enable large quantities of green hydrogen to be transported without existing pipeline networks. This is an especially attractive option for road and rail transport. In order to increase the amount of transported hydrogen, higher storage densities are a crucial point. High-pressure tanks with operating pressures of up to 1000 bar require increased investment costs in the form of material and manufacturing costs. Further development of these containers is therefore necessary not only for safe operation but also from an economic perspective.

The tanks are also suitable as intermediate and buffer storage and can be integrated into existing systems in order to store large amounts of green hydrogen in a decentralized manner and to further expand the infrastructure.

Project duration: 36 months
Project start: 01/12/2018
Project budget: approx. € 2.8 million
Funding amount: approx. € 1.54 million
Funding rate: 65 %

Contact person: Fabian Richter
Hexagon Purus GmbH