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Progressive hydrogen supply for fuel cell energy systems

Project goals

H2PROGRESS is developing and testing a new type of fuel cell energy storage system with 1 kW electrical power. The special feature is the form of energy supply by bound hydrogen. This is usually supplied in gaseous form or even deep-frozen in liquid form. The project uses a patented development of the Fraunhofer IFAM in Dresden: the so-called POWERPASTE. Hydrogen is bound in a paste in the form of magnesium hydride and can be released at room temperature as required.


The development by Fraunhofer IFAM has already been awarded the f-cell Award in the Science category in 2013. In the HYPOS project that has now been launched, the paste is being used together with Siemens AG in a complete system that can convert the hydrogen in a PEM fuel cell into electricity. The system is particularly suitable for decentralized, mobile and off-grid applications.

Project duration: 22 months
Project start: 01/03/2020
Project budget: € 1.5 million
Funding amount: € 917,429
Funding rate: 61 %

Contact person: Dr. Lars Röntzsch
Fraunhofer-Institut für Fertigungstechnik und Angewandte Materialforschung IFAM