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Development of a mobile storage system including EnMS

Project goals

The goal in MMH2P is the development of a portable, modular hydrogen storage. With Cross Dynamic Energy Management (XDEMS), this takes over the operation and load management for stand-alone and network solutions, depending on the application, and acts as a system service provider. MMH2P is to be a service storage system, user, feeder and manager as well as a carrier at the same time. MMH2P can be seen as a link in microgrids and small systems for decentralized applications, because experience has shown that mobile and other niche applications are the first economical systems. The project closes this supply gap.


Potential use cases based on volatile energies include supply concepts for targeted electricity and heat supply through FC-CHP-systems in residential areas, public facilities and industrial parks as well as renewable hydrogen car sharing offers.


Credits: Fraunhofer IFF

To demonstrate and investigate the dynamics of the MMH2P, tests in the island- and network operation are conducted in the HYPOS network, together with users of H2-Home and H2-Netz . Based on the data developed in the network, it is  possible to design a system for individual applications.

Project duration: 28 months
Project start: 01/03/2019
Project budget: € 827,944
Funding amount: € 645,943
Funding rate: 79 %

Contact person: Dr.-Ing. Torsten Birth
Fraunhofer-Institut für Fabrikbetrieb und -automatisierung IFF



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