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The role of large storage facilities in future energy systems with high shares of renewable energy

Project goals

  • Regional analyses of the technological supply and demand potential
  • Analyses of the economic costs of large-scale storage facilities and their economic benefits
  • Meta-study on the economically optimal use of large-scale storage in the context of different energy-economic boundary conditions
  • Draft of a market design for the technology-specific promotion of large-scale H2 storage facilities, taking into account the competition with other flexibility options
  • Workshops with stakeholders


The HYPOS project consortium is pursuing the goal of gradually substituting the hydrogen demand that has so far been covered by fossil fuels and making electricity-based hydrogen technology economically viable on a large scale. The storage study project focuses on the question of how the transition to a hydrogen-based energy and raw material supply in Germany can be shaped beyond the use of hydrogen in niche markets.

The study aims to work out which constraints need to be taken into account in the up-scaling of large-scale hydrogen-based storage systems and how their market introduction and, in particular, their market ramp-up can be designed in a regulatory way that results in economic added value for future energy supply systems. In particular, the strategic view of the economic significance of large-scale storage in decarbonised energy systems of the future represents a core element of the project.

Project duration: 16 months
Project start: 01/09/2020
Funding amount: € 323,463
Funding rate: 100 %

Contact person: Prof. Dr. Thomas Bruckner
Universität Leipzig