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Development of a coupled process for the use of CO2 for the energetically optimized methanol production

Project goals

The project aims to develop a continuous low-temperature process for the production of methanol, which combines the normally separate process steps of CO2 separation and CO2 hydrogenation in one process step. This eliminates the thermal separation step to obtain the pure CO2 from the amine wash solution and instead catalytically converts the CO2 still bound in the amine directly to the product. So far the process has only been shown in batch processes. An important goal is the construction of a continuously working demonstrator.


The process to be developed represents a new low-temperature process for methanol synthesis from CO2, which could potentially also be suitable for large-scale production of methanol. However the process appears to be particularly advantageous for smaller plants for decentralized energy storage due to the simpler heat management in the liquid phase.

Project duration: 30 months
Project start: 01/03/2017
Project budget: approx. € 1.3 million
Funding amount: approx. € 950,000
Funding rate: 73 %

Contact person: Prof. Dr. Florian Mertens
Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg