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New kerosene synthesis technology based on carbon dioxide and green hydrogen

Project goals

The aim of eKeroSyn is to evaluate the technical and economic advantages of an innovative process for the production of kerosene from CO2 and green hydrogen. The process is based on an intensified variant of the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis with newly developed iron-based catalysts. Because of the "once through" reactor concept used, the new process is suitable for centralized and decentralized applications. The hydrogen is provided by alkaline medium-temperature electrolysis. Biogenic and atmospheric CO2 are considered as carbon sources. On the basis of process chain modeling, various execution concepts of the new process combination are to be analyzed taking into account material, energetic, economic and ecological aspects. The determined preferred variants are compared with the best currently available technical solutions for the CO2/H2-based production of synthetic aviation fuels.


In line with the goals of the HYPOS consortium, the eKeroSyn project aims to develop economically competitive H2-based solutions for making the utilization paths of renewable electricity more flexible. The results of the concept studies to be carried out within the framework of the project will provide the basis for decisions on the further implementation steps of CO2/H2 based kerosene production. If the decision is positive, the proof of surveillance on a pilot plant scale, with financial support from the business community, will be extended. If the technical feasibility of the new kerosene synthesis technology is successfully demonstrated, a strategic investor is expected to be willing to set up a large-scale reference plant. The prerequisite is that the fuel quality of the synthetic kerosene produced meets the specifications and has been verified by realistic turbine tests with fuel samples in the 10-t dimension.

The final project report is available in the HYPOS member area.

Project duration: 12 months
Project start: 01/01/2018
Project budget: € 300,000
Funding amoun: € 300,000
Funding rate: 100%

Contact person: Prof. Dr. Bernd Meyer
TU Bergakademie Freiberg