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Advanced use of resources in the manufacture of fragrances, flavors and other fine chemicals by using sustainably produced synthesis gas

Project goals

  • Presentation of the technical and economic feasibility of the decentralized, discontinuous generation and use of synthesis gas from regeneratively produced H2 and biogenic CO2
  • Evaluation of the availability of CO2 from sewage gas and the necessary treatment steps
  • Evaluation of the high temperature reverse water gas shift reaction (rWGS)


  • Supply of synthesis gas for the production of fragrances by hydroformylation (approx. 200,000 m³/a)
  • Synthesis gas generation for various chemical processes
  • On-site CO generation

The results of the project form the basis for the subsequent process development, including testing on a laboratory/pilot plant scale as well as testing the process in a pilot plant.

The final project report is available in the HYPOS member area.

Project duration: 12 months
Project start: 01/01/2016
Project budget: approx. € 362,500
Funding amount: € 324,000
Funding rate: 89 %

Contact person: Dr. Stefan Müller
Miltitz Aromatics GmbH