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Decentralized energy supply with hydrogen fuel cells

Project goals

The aim of H2-Home is the development and demonstration of an integrative system for the supply of electrical and thermal energy for apartment buildings and commercial facilities using a hydrogen CHP.


The components of the system are:

  • Development of a systematic total energy model for the energy supply
  • Hydrogen CHP based on a low-temperature PEM fuel cell with 5 kWe     
  • Hydrogen-based heat generator module including condensing technology     
  • Power electronic composite solution for the parallel use of electrical energy at AC and DC level

In cooperation with H2-Netz, specific interface problems of hydrogen use in buildings are solved across projects. The practicality of H2-Home will be examined in the future by combining both projects in an exemplary hydrogen village (external link).

The final project report is available in the HYPOS member area.

Project duration: 24 months
Project start: 01/09/2016
Project budget: approx. € 1.5 million
Funding amount: approx. € 1.1 million
Funding rate: 74 %

Contact person: Steffen Theuring
inhouse engineering GmbH