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Project goals

The project objective is to develop optimisation solutions for an H2 CHP based on PEM fuel cells. The project continues the H2-Home. An H2 CHP unit based on a PEM fuel cell is currently being developed and tested for the best possible building integration to achieve maximum efficiency. In cooperation with the H2-Netz , the H2 CHP will be supplied with hydrogen on the test site in the so-called hydrogen village in the Bitterfeld-Wolfen Chemical Park. In the planned project, the focus is on the development of optimisation solutions in the interface between H2-Home and H2-Netz. Solutions are to be developed for the following focal points:

  • Operation of the H2 CHP with lowered H2 connection pressure,
  • Integration of a hydrodesulphurisation system (HDS) into the H2 CHP unit.


The follow-up project is working on the provision of hydrogen for building energy supply with regard to the preparation of hydrogen for use in a fuel cell. With a reduced H2 connection pressure, known solutions from the currently existing house connection system for natural gas are approached and the requirements for the new medium hydrogen are minimised. With the use of a hydrogenating desulphurisation system, the costs and maintenance effort for deodorisation can be reduced. Hydrogen can be integrated quickly and reliably into a decentralised energy supply.

The PEM fuel cell is ideally suited for the conversion of pure hydrogen into electricity. The electrical efficiencies of approx. 50% are significantly higher than those of natural gas-fuelled CHP systems, since the cost-intensive and efficiency-reducing gas treatment process (reforming) is omitted. Following on from H2-Home the project represents a sensible end use of green hydrogen in the building energy supply with electricity and heat and thus closes the hydrogen value chain in HYPOS.

Project duration: 12 months
Project start: 01/01/2021
Project budget: € 193,500 
Funding amount: € 121,075 
Funding rate: ca. 62 %

Contact person: Steffen Theuring
inhouse engineering GmbH