Hydrogen Power Storage & Solutions East Germany

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Structure and promotion opportunities

HYPOS pursues the vision of establishing hydrogen as a chemical feedstock, as a fuel and as an energy carrier for heat and energy generation. The realization of technological advances and economies of scale as well as the use of the existing infrastructure are intended to open up cost reduction potential. The economic viability of this form of energy transformation is to be guaranteed through the transitional use of existing remuneration systems (e.g. control markets / control energy). In addition, central solutions shall be sensibly linked to decentralized solutions. The required research and development services cover the entire value chain from the power generator to the gas user:

  • Central electrolysis plants with connection to the transmission and distribution networks as well as direct supply from high-performance wind and solar parks are used to develop processes for the production of green hydrogen on an industrial scale.
  • The hydrogen quantities are fed into the existing Central German hydrogen pipeline for further transport to a large number of customers and to suitable storage facilities.
  • Storage is achieved by connecting hydrogen cavern storage projects to the hydrogen pipeline.
  • System solutions for the provision of electricity, for the control of the electrolysis, for the integration of hydrogen into the natural gas networks and for hydrogen storage are developed.
  • Where appropriate, the central approach of HYPOS is supported by the establishment of side effects such as the material use of hydrogen with the use of innovative electrolysis technologies in decentralized plant concepts.

Through benefit and technology optimization along the entire process chain the economical production of green hydrogen becomes a reality. Thus gained knowledge is beneficially translated into decentralized operating concepts and international contexts as well.