Hydrogen Power Storage & Solutions East Germany

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The Approach

The project follows the approach of a transregional and interdisciplinary bundling of competences from industry, research and SMEs in Central Germany with the common goal to achieve a profitable conversion  of electicity into hydrogen and its application.

For this purpose, the electricity network, gas grid, gas storage facilities and hydrogen pipelines are to be linked to form an intelligent infrastructure for power generation, hydrogen production, transport and storage. Individual technologies are improved and developed further, new developments and innovations are fostered, use paths are opened or expanded and new methods for large-scale applications are created. In doing so, the sum of the individual innovations is supposed to yield advantages for the entire value chain.

    In terms of economic efficiency, structures are created that significantly reduce the costs of green hydrogen. At the same time, its competitiveness with grey hydrogen and natural gas is increased as well as its acceptance and integration into a sustainable, innovative supply infrastructure. Last but not least, various project groups are developing concepts to optimise safety at all stages of the value chain.

    All HYPOS projects are subdivided according to their respective subject areas.

    • Chemical Transformation 
    • Transport and Storage
    • Application and Distribution
    • Economic Efficiency
    • Safety
    • Strategy