Hydrogen Power Storage & Solutions East Germany

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Competences of HYPOS

Founded in 2013, HYPOS connects partners from economy and science with regional potentials, expertise and experience. HYPOS combines the potential of innovative small and medium-sized enterprises, the expertise of companies from the chemical industry, the energy and plant engineering sectors, and the competencies of universities and research centres for the joint development of a cross-sector Green Hydrogen economy.

Symposium & Conferences

Annual hydrogen symposium of the initiative

Almost 200 guests from politics, industries and sciences

  • apply themselves to innovation projetcs, use cases and potentials of Green Hydrogen technologies
  • are informed by lectures from HYPOS and its partners, external hydrogen experts and policymakers
  • discuss current issues and progressions from the innovation sector.


  • Nationwide networking of hydrogen activities
  • Increased visibility of the model region of Central Germany
  • Presence at trade fairs, events and conferences
  • Support in finding project partners
  • Presentation of research results
  • Monitoring relevant research programs
  • Articles in various journals
  • Regular newsletters & press releases

series of conferences on the hydrogen value chain

The one-day conference

  • focuses on a sector of the hydrogen value chain
  • informs about current developements from HYPOS projects and hydrogen users
  • offers networking opportunities.


  • HYPOS Blog with news, studies, calls
  • HYPOS Calendar with an overview of HYPOS events and events from the H2 community
  • planned H2 project, company and expert directory with search and filter function